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Vanilla of SAVA region

The SAVA region, composed of four major districts including Sambava, Andapa, Vohemar, Antalaha, is located in the northeast of Madagascar. These districts are wedely known on the production of vanilla for all qualities as the majority of the local population are capable agronomists on this type of culture for about five centuries. There is an increase of production Every year.


The quality of vanilla is good if ity is prepared with an unconditional love , expertise and expérience. This preparation should be done in artisanal manner and of 100% natural. That allowed us to get products of superior quality from the beginning of out activity until nowadays.


The packing and preparation

A good quality of vanilla must be cultivated in a favorable environment and collected when it is totally ripe. Moreover , the vanilla dealers must be passionate and expert in vanilla in order to get products with risk of inert contamination and maximum vanillin rate. Not only the know-how is necessary while dealing with vanilla but also the capacity to choose the green vanilla pods for preparation to ensure the good quality of products.

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